A Way to Fast-Track Promotion

A Way to Fast-Track Promotion

Are you at a level in your organization where you feel stuck and want to go up the ladder at your company? Probably, you’re an IT tech lead who wants to get a promotion to become a manager, or you’re a manager who wants to become a director, or you’re a director who wants to become a VP – you get the idea.

Or do you often find yourself saying, “I have been working hard, long hours, nights, and weekends, but no one seems to care or appreciates the effort?”

If you answered yes to the above questions, this article is primarily for you. However, others may find it useful too.

Have you considered a perspective that folks may not know what you really do?

I am not referring to the status reports that folks send to their supervisors and managers. Of course, that’s important for ensuring the day-to-day work is getting delivered as expected on time under budget. I am suggesting a well-crafted conscious marketing deck to the relevant folks in the organization.

Communication, Care, and Feeding

  • Communicate the relevant information, like the performance (KPIs) of the past projects, the status of the current projects, and the roadmap of the upcoming work-streams.
  • Congratulate and thank your team, peers, and partners for their hard work and contribution.
  • Try to spice up your meetings by inviting a guest or two. For example, ask one of your internal clients, or client representatives, or other stakeholder team representatives to join the session.
  • Feed (literally) your audience (especially, your direct reports, team, and group) – for example, one may order some refreshments as applicable for the meeting. If you’re not allowed to put in an expense report – consider shelling some bucks out of your pocket once in a month or so for these marketing meetings (call it an investment).

Do Not Be Afraid of Transparency and Openness

  • If you’re afraid that they may find you less credible — don’t be. If some folks do have that notion, you can either confirm it or change it. You have nothing to lose, but an opportunity to influence their perception in your favor.
  • If you’re scared that someone else will steal your ideas — don’t be. By doing the communication, in fact, you will reduce the chances of it. The knowledge of your backlog work can be liberating, and most probably may have a positive impact on the people who matter — practically, no downside.
  • If you’re fearful of getting embarrassed in front of folks who may find faults with your in-progress work — don’t be. If you play it right, you will turn it to your advantage. For example, you may say, “We would like to learn and improve, hence seeking your feedback, guidance, and advice.” That way anything they may point figure to later on will be covered as part of your delivery based on the timely feedback (icing on the cake!). Some may call it preempting your potential nemesis.


The following are the primary benefits, including, but not limited to,

  • People now know that you and your team exist
  • Folks now understand what you do and, if needed, who to reach out to
  • The stakeholders will take note, and would keep you on their RACI matrix (maybe just for information purposes), and you will always be on their radar

Above all, this is a way to fast-track your promotion – you’re informing the folks in your own words that you’re consistently adding value to the company, and are exhibiting an essential trait of a leader by doing so.

You would be surprised how much the senior management, human resources department, and other authorities in companies are hungry for under the hood information. Believe it or not, they want you to be successful (which includes your promotion). After all, your success defines their success.

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